Sycamore Sway

Music: “Optimist” by Zoë Keating
Cinematography: Sophia Fan Lin

How can we cultivate meaningful, empathetic connection to the vast animal and plant worlds that exist outside of our own human realm? Plants aren’t just backdrops for charismatic megafauna, they are the backbone of ecosystems and I hold reverence for all they provide. Significantly and tragically, we are in the midst of a mass extinction event that threatens the diversity of this planet and jeopardizes the fragile existence of countless interconnected species: flora, fauna, plant, animal, human.

Growing {
From a cell into a tree. Strengthening in the wind. Limitless. Endless. From smaller to larger. Short to tall. Architectural, organic shapes.
Revering {

Gratitude. Respect. Care. Appreciation. Empathy. Honoring the beauty and sacredness of all life. Becomes a fervor as it transitions embrace.
Embracing {

Passion. Embrace. Let feelings flow. Profound intimacy and connection. The world melts away leaving only us.